The Infinity Desk

As a meandering hobbiest - I'm flitting between side projects constantly. Since the first post, I no longer attempt to rescue all my past projects from the eternal quicksand of time, but instead have been focusing on working on what strikes me as particularly interesting.

To this effect - I merged my work desk, painting desk & gaming desk.

Now I have one desk upon which at any point I can continue down any path. I set aside painting materials and made it easy to log onto a server to build software in my free time. I can binge DoTA for 4 hours, promptly uninstall the game, then return in 3 days - as is tradition.

I made this place comfortable, in an ergonomic sense, and organized some things. Organization did not last long, and the desk remains in a state of quite messy. This messieness reflects my side project habits - I'm not working methodically, and my space shows it.

This approach is a breath of fresh air. Embracing my approach of bouncing around tasks is much more fruitful than trying to force myself to work on something for a specific period of time.

I could take a call on discord whilst chipping away on a paint job - or watch a youtube video while I organize my GM notes for D&D. I don't advocate somebody do this all the time, but it really does help with some of the grind-y tasks.

Lack of Segmentation

It is odd to me that I find it so nice to have a totally unsegmented work area. I think many people advocate for the opposite, and I have not tried it simply from a lack of space, it is currently not possible for me to have 4 desks each set up with all my items.

The difference here is that rather than tidy up everything between work sessions, I made it very easy to start, on a whim. Which isn't to say the desk is designed to be untidy, it can tidy up quite well, which I do every fortnight or so, but it does enable me to switch often.

To be clear - this is not a solution in the sense it's going to help somebody finish things. Instead the infinity desk helps me find those projects that I want to finish in the first place.

If you are working on something that is huge and difficult to finish maybe isn't going to be easy with this desk, since you'll be drawn to different activities like a dragonfly is drawn to the shiny lights. Maybe this is the R&D workshop desk - once you've got your plan set you should draw out a new space for that thing in its entirety.

Finding space for that sort of thing in Dublin is a whole nother can of worms.

~ devoxel

As for myself I completed many painting of tiny figures at my desk. Honestly, I still don't think I'm particularly good - but it very relaxing, and I completed some things this year that last year I would not have thought possible.

I didn't much spend much time on the development side of the world, although that area now calls to me. I'd really like to write some cool code, or finally get around to reading some of those meaty books I bought myself.

Also - I talked a lot about time management techniques in the my previous blog but I did not apply many here. I think this is fine because I am not driving towards something large, but were I to take on a large project I still think this is worth doing - even the act of writing down subtasks provides very useful basis.

I realize now I should take a photo of my desk for this but it's really rather messy. It's going to be moved soon, so once that's done, I'll update this. If I get around to it.